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    BetonWood is European leader in the production of panels in cement bonded which pressed in slabs of elevated compactness, density and hardness, resistant to the fire, to the atmospheric agents, with optimal characteristics of acoustic abatement and optimal characteristics thermal of phase-difference.
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  • BetonWood project building BetonWood Systems for Construction industry to Dry The cement bonded BetonWood is fireproof, waterproof, resistant to the fungi, free from formaldehyde, lacking in asbestos and inks, have an elevated staticity and capacity, maximum ineszia and elevated specific weight, are not injurious for the man and for the nature, it has an optimal resistance and machinability and an optimal relationship quality price. Read more
  • BetonWood project school BetonWood Panels to high density with high thermal phase-difference The cement bonded joined to the fiberboard has created a new perfect material for the light construction industry, with elevated characteristic of acoustic thermal insulation/and good mechanical properties.
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  • BetonWood BetonWood Ecological panels in cemen bonded to high density The cement bonded chipboard is a board product made in flat press from reduced wood material, wood chips with addition of hydraulic binder (portland cement) and chemical additive for application in the building industry. The quality, is guaranteed by the greater institutes of certification of European qualities. Read more

BetonWood is European leader in the production of panels to high technology for the construction industry with only characteristics in the field

Environmental Sustainability

In the last few decades, the experience lead on this producing has satisfied the requirements of the purchasers finding some an immense application between the modern materials buildings.
Graces to its favorable characteristics, the produced one has become one of the more material important for constructions buildings and one of the little truly classifiable like material from sustainable construction industry. Obtained from wood fibers of pine, with the addition of hydraulic binders (Portland cement) and innocuous chemical additives in miscelazione with water.


The panels have multiple use in the construction industry, beginning from the pavements for which prefabricated structures, from panels for bioecologica construction industry, panels for platform-frame, in the panels acoustic and thermal insulators, in the substitution of gessofibra and the panels with lowland the resistance to the humidity, in the panels sandwiches coupled with styrene for the thermal coat, in the dividing walls, walls and doors which prefabricated firebreak, furnishings, flameproof mezzanines, coverings, naval panellings to read, preparations and a lot other anchor.

Guaranteed Quality

The quality, is guaranteed by the greater institutes of certification of European qualities.
Holzforschung Austria, Vienna, verification the points of force of the tables BetonWood buildings two times the year.
FMPA, Otto-Graf-Insitut-Universitat, Stuttgart to champion, the resistance to the fire and the qualitative characteristics controls.
IBBF, Ingeneurburo + Bio-Bauforschung Karl Heinz Sirtl: their tests confirm that the tables BetonWood buildings do not turn out harmful all man or to the environmental system.

Producing Certifyd

The intrinsic quality, the resistance to the fire, and the suitability for ways of escape of the produced one is guaranteed by the European norm 2003/43/EC norm EN the 13501-2 produced one therefore is certifyd to the fire with new European classes CE in class A2sd1 for walls and ways of escape and Afl2-s1 for the paving.


Other Products.

Panels BetonWood, Wood Fiber, materials for thermal and acoustic insulation, Cork, XPS, RockWool and radiant floor.

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